Latina Leadership Network

The Latina Leadership Network (LLN) seeks to increase enrollment of Latina professionals and entrepreneurs by providing guidance and empowerment through leadership education. It will create opportunities for professional growth and development while providing the opportunity to share ideas in a comfortable setting. The LLN will ignite Latina business growth in the region while creating a body of representation that addresses relevant issues for Latinas across Pennsylvania.

Good leaders are MADE not born. If you have the desire and willpower, you can become an effective leader. Good leaders develop through a never ending process of self-study, education, training, and experience ( Jago, 1982).




LLN’s Vision is to meet the needs of the growing ranks of Latina entrepreneurs, executives and professionals by creating more representation, visibility and business opportunities for our members in the world of business and at the executive and professional levels.



LLN’s Mission is to encourage Latinas to develop their business and professional goals through education, business referrals, advocacy and networking. Through our various partnerships and programs, the Latina Leadership Network will:

  • Inspire, motivate & encourage Latinas and Latina youth
  • Provide leadership development
  • Networking directory/business directory-resources
  • Improve Latina self-esteem
  • Advocate to enhance community empowerment
  • Encourage political recognition of Latina businesswomen
  • Provide role models & success stories



In addition to membership benefits, LLN members will enjoy the following opportunities:

-          Business and professional development opportunities
-          Powerful networking opportunities
-          Education through seminars and workshops
-          Referrals and career opportunities
-          Information on business legislation/laws
-          Opportunity to engage in advocacy
-          Mentoring and support



-          Must be a college student, professional or business owner
-          Must be committed to the program and attend events regularly
-          Seeks to increase Latina success standards in the region

To become a member of the LLN click here.